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OXFORD IELTS Preparation Course

Highly effective learning methods

Oxford IELTS Online uses a video and content player to deliver the course in exciting and easy to use ways. In every unit of the course you'll find video, text, downloads and various activities which are designed to ensure what you learn makes a real impact on your IELTS score.

You can navigate around Oxford IELTS as you please and study at your own pace. You can also go back and review units whenever you like. This gives you the freedom to study in the way that suits you best.

We've made our player very user-friendly so it's really easy to use. Our customer support department is always available and happy to help with any questions.

Well-structured units

Oxford IELTS contains five units of presentation and practice materials that prepare you to confidently take your IELTS exam. You will have 45 days from the date that you activate your exam preparation course to complete all components.
In the first unit you'll learn about the IELTS course itself.
Next, there are four skills-based units that focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking.

  • Each of these skills-based units contains:
  • > An overview of what is required in that part of the test.
  • > Specific strategies you'll need to score highly.
  • > Sample tests for you to practice the skill.

Each unit includes practice and study tips that will help you to make the best use of your time between now and the exam.

Ride the wave of success!

Visit our 'Beyond IELTS' section for some further information about opportunities abroad and on how to make the most of your IELTS success.

Course Units

Unit 1 Introduction

1.1 Player Overview
1.2 IELTS Overview

Unit 2. Reading

2.1 Reading Academic Overview
2.2 Reading General Training Overview
2.3 Reading Strategies
2.4 Reading Academic Sample Test
2.5 Reading General Training Sample Test

Unit 3 Writing

3.1 Writing Academic Overview
3.2 Writing General Training Overview
3.3 Writing Strategies
3.4 Writing Academic Sample Test
3.5 Writing General Training Sample Test

Unit 4 Listening

4.1 Listening Overview
4.2 Listening Strategies
4.3 Listening Sample Test

Unit 5 Speaking

5.1 Speaking Overview
5.2 Speaking Strategies
5.3 Speaking Sample Tests