Beyond IELTS

Would you like to further your study?
Or advance your career at home or abroad?

With a successful IELTS result you now have the qualification you need for an exciting, profitable and successful future. Oxford IELTS opens many doors. Both in your own country and overseas, you'll be qualified to consider a wide range of opportunities.


You're prepared for much more than a test

By attaining your target band scores in the IELTS examination, the language skills you have developed will help you to deal with a variety of real-life situations in the corporate world. In addition, the self-confidence you gain will equip you to cope with life in the fast lane of any multinational enterprise.

Our IELTS preparation course not only prepares you for the test but also for your future as a student or executive in an English speaking environment. You'll also be exposed to an intellectual and socio-economic environment that helps develop valuable personal qualities.